The Spin Cycle–Episode 008

Abs – January 11, 2018

Join Abs and Mags as they answer questions sent in by fellow Anxiety Sisters. Topics include the stigma surrounding mental illness, CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety, sensory issues brought on by anxiety, lithium's effect on anxiety and so much more!

The Spin Cycle–Episode 007

Abs – November 9, 2017

This episode features Rebecca Scritchfield--registered dietician and nutritionist, certified fitness expert, wellness coach, and author of the wonderful book, Body Kindness. The Anxiety Sisters chat with Rebecca about her work, coping with her own challenges, and using Body Kindness as a tool for managing anxiety. Join us!

The Spin Cycle–Episode 006

Abs – October 11, 2017

After a short hiatus, the Anxiety Sisters are back with a discussion of some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding anxiety disorders and mental illness in general. Listen and laugh with Abs and Mags!

Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Abs – September 18, 2017

If you would like to try PMR, please enjoy the following recording:  


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